10 Behaviours of the dogs that seem strange to us

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Puppies are reliable and lovable beings that bring great joy to their owners. However, they often startle them by behaving strangely in the eyes of their caregivers. Whether it’s sitting and shuffling your ass, sniffing your ass when you say hello to another dog, or jumping around suddenly like you’ve been stung by a tarantula.

It may seem strange to people, but it’s part of a complex dog’s language, which is completely normal for puppies. Today I’m going to show you what the puppies’ behaviors that are difficult to understand actually mean!

1. Lugging the butt

It’s weird and funny when puppies drag their ass to the floor, but it’s actually a good thing. It is a reaction that occurs when there is a health problem, so it is recommended to get tested at a veterinary hospital.

Lugging the butt

2. Dogs Lick Their noses

Dogs lick their noses periodically to moisten their noses. This behavior improves your sense of smell, allowing you to better distinguish odors. However, in certain situations, persistent nose licking is part of body language and is a sign that you are anxious, confused, or ill. If your dog suddenly behaves differently than usual for no apparent reason, do not ignore it and see a veterinarian.

3. Dog Kick the ground with his hind feet after defecation

Kicking the floor with their hind paws after puppies have done something seems odd, as if trying to hide something. However, there are actually other reasons for this behavior. It’s an instinctive act to mark territory and spread one’s own scent more strongly.

4. Dog Behaviour that some people don’t like

You may have noticed that dogs like some people less than others. This behavior in dogs has to do with their delicate nose. The more sensitive the sense of smell, the more picky the dog is with people. Certain pheromones in the body make puppies feel threatened. However, not only pheromones, but also large hats, children, and people with unusual body features can scare puppies.


5. The behavior of eating feces

It’s not uncommon for puppies to eat their own poop or the poop of other animals, but most people find this behavior somewhat repulsive. This behavior is called ‘phagocytosis’ and is described as an animal’s attempt to compensate for a lack of nutrition. Opinions are divided on this theory, however, and researchers believe that eating feces is rather a learned habit. So you can stop this with targeted training.


6. Endless Tail Biting

Dogs chasing their own tails look really funny and cute. However, you should know that if your dog exhibits these behaviors frequently, this is not a laughing matter and is a clear warning sign that the dog is bored and not getting enough attention. Make sure your dog is not in a difficult situation mentally and physically. Chasing your own tail can lead to unsightly and unnecessary injuries.

7. Dig a tunnel

There are several reasons why dogs dig holes in the sand. First of all, if the weather is very hot, they may find a place to cool off, or they may display this behavior because they are bored. Puppies like to get dirty while playing and to dig through the sand. It’s even more fun when you find something interesting along the way. However, since puppies don’t care where they dig, you need to protect flower beds, etc. or give them enough play so they don’t get bored.

Many owners try to keep their dogs from eating grass. You are probably doing this because you are afraid that your beloved dog will get sick or vomit. However, experts explain that this behavior in dogs is completely normal. Of course, the reason for eating grass is still unknown. If your dog vomits frequently while playing outdoors, you should also check to see if there is a cause other than eating grass.

9. Mounting

Many owners are very shy when their dogs are mounted on an object or on a neighbor’s leg. But for puppies, this isn’t something special, it’s a natural behavior. The reason for the mounting may be that your dog is just entering puberty and is simply following his sexual desires, or it may be because he wants to release his energy and tension with the mounting. However, you can also mount it because you’ve learned that doing this will get your caregiver’s attention.

10. Smelly Smelling Soles

Anyone who has snore near a dog’s paws will notice that their paws smell like a mixture of corn chips and cheese balls. Since this smell is very normal, there is absolutely no reason to worry. The smell is due to the bacteria and fatty acids in your dog’s skin that help keep them healthy. Often a dog’s ears have a similar odor.

Puppies surprise their owners with something new every day. Sometimes they do certain things that are funny, weird, and often shocking. And yet, dogs are man’s best friends, so dog butlers probably can’t imagine life without puppies any longer.


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