5 Best Business Planning Software To start your Business Ideas

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To set up a dream or business idea to start your own business or fulfill your dream of financial independence, you need to have a plan.

A business plan is an ideal tool for planning your mission, unique selling points, and setting your outlook for the future, which you will use as your goal to achieve your goals.

Writing a business plan can be a daunting task, but if you need to fund or raise money for your idea, you can’t get out of this process.

Fortunately, a business planning software with templates that can be customized for different types of business goes a long way in accessing them online, so you can create structured documents that will bring seed capital to your bank or potential investor.

Below are the 5 Best business planning software to start your business

Best business planning software of 2021

live plan Business Planning Software

LivePlan is a business idea, regardless of the industry’s leading business planning software, industry position achieved can.

It allows you to promote, plan and track your business anytime, anywhere using a one-page business plan that is created quickly, easily, and fun.

Built-in prompts, step-by-step instructions with definitions, videos, examples and text tutorials, 500+ plan samples and examples, error-free finance, dashboards to monitor the health of your business and track progress and performance.

You can also see how revenues and other important metrics are measured against your goals and industry standards, and because the plan is a real plan, you can adjust the plan as it evolves.

LivePlan also syncs with QuickBooks, so you don’t have to use formulas. Automatically create financial tables, charts, and reports, export final plans to Word or PDF, or export pitches to PowerPoint to create beautiful slideshow presentations.

LivePlan runs on a dedicated network with bank-level security and is locked down with firewalls and 24/7 monitoring, so your plans are safe and confidential. You can also get free expert advice and quick customer care via phone, email, or online chat.

Ultimate business planner

This business planning software from Atlas Business Solutions is the fastest and easiest way to create a business plan.

Features include a step-by-step guide to help you create a business plan in minutes, along with financial planning along with simple English instructions, advice and how-to hints.

Other features include over 1000 indexed business plan samples, 25 complete sample plans to get you started and hundreds of business startup resources, and works with Word, Excel, PDF and QuickBooks programs.

Ultimate Business Planner supports all types of businesses, from sole proprietors to partnerships, limited liability companies, non-profits and internet companies.

It is available in a format recommended for banks and investors, making it easy to get a loan or raise funds from potential investors.

The latest features include a new interface, five-year financial planning, improved graphs and reporting, improved startup resources, and an updated small business loan program.

Enloop Business Planner

Enloop is a free business planning software that allows you to create a business plan and predict your success automatically on an easy and simple online platform.

Simply enter your company information in each section and then set up your financial report by choosing from over 100 currency symbols and formats.

When creating a plan, you can invite them to work with your team.

Features include a text generator that generates default text for each section of your plan and allows you to edit or add automatically updated images, tables, and financial forecast data.

You can also automatically generate financial forecasts from your business plan to your bank readiness report and see your score improve in real-time as you adjust each section of your plan.

Enloop also generates critical financial ratios to analyze performance, compare to industry averages, and pinpoint costly issues before they are realized in your business.

Plans can be edited, revised, and downloaded on a regular or quarterly basis so that future problem areas can be identified and corrected before they arise.

iPlanner Business Planner

This business planning software is perfect for an existing or new business if you want to raise capital for startup or growth, understand and manage risk, or communicate business strategies and models to your team.

It includes a powerful business modeling framework that works both real-time and online, allowing you to build models with your team, and use professional, easy-to-use templates to organize and present your strategy.

You can share, save, and roll back plans as you work at any time, and access them anytime, anywhere using a web browser.

Each project developed on iPlanner has a unique and secure URI or network address, so you can confidently share your plans online and in real-time with authorized users.

PlanGuru Business Planner

  • Depending on the type of business, you can easily use the structure with different elements.
  • Income statement, balance sheet and monthly or yearly projected financial plan
  • Marketing plan with industry comparison and market data
  • Sample data with descriptors and/or tutorials
  • Beautiful but detailed planning presentation
  • Relevance to your business, whether sole proprietorship, small business, or company

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