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How to show battery percentage on iphone 12 Yes, iPhone 12 now has a built-in battery percentage display in the settings but that does not show how much actual battery is remaining. Instead, it only tells users how long ago the phone was last charged. However, no need to fret as the following section is about different ways on how to obtain battery life on iPhone 12. Your task now is to use these tips to boost up the battery’s endurance. In case you do not know what the battery symbol means, scroll down to the last paragraph for clarification.

For iPhone 12 users who are still using older SIM cards, the iptions of not having new SIMs in the device may be the culprit when it comes to low battery longevity. It is a known fact that old SIMs will not fetch you as much juice as new ones. To remedy this, you can use a third party app such as Power Manager or Smart Recovery to automate the removal of old card. This prevents your iPhone from continuously searching for a SIM to connect to until the real card is physically removed.

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Widgets are also among the factors that determine how to show battery percentage on iPhone 12 to improve power consumption. However, widgets may cause your phone to suffer performance hitches because there is less space to work with. You can also increase the widget limit to help your device run smoothly. If you are not familiar with widgets, here’s a quick rundown:

widgets can come in two forms: applications and icons. If you want to show battery percentage indicator on your iPhone, you can go with the icons. The applications, however, offer more features that can help users monitor different aspects of their phones.

You can find apps that allow you to access your phone’s weather, contacts and even workout stats. On the iPhone, there are dedicated apps that provide a widget solution for all your home screen features.


In order to make your iPhone 12 battery life a little longer, you should keep an eye on your phone’s usage. This can help you gauge how much you are using your phone. Note the last charged state of every icon on your home screen. This can help you optimize how to show battery percentage indicator on iPhone 12 by adjusting the way icons are displayed.

Of course, you can also tweak the behavior of your iPhones icons and widgets. For instance, if you see multiple icons in the top-right corner but only one is actually charging, you can change the behavior so that it turns off and on as necessary.

There are many different options available for altering the behavior of your iPhone’s widgets. Some tweaks you can make include: Show clock if none is already visible, hide clock if none is currently selected and hide all if any.

For those that want to know how to show battery percentage on iPhone 12 properly, you should also pay attention to how your apps use the memory of your phone. Some of your older apps will need a certain amount of space to store data and remember various activities.

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These older apps will use more memory than new apps, which means that your older widgets and icons will get reduced in size. It can be difficult to work around this problem, but there is a simple way around it. To get around this problem, you should go into the “Settings” section of your settings app, tap on the “Cell” tab and then choose the overflow button so that you can safely wipe away any unnecessary data in this section.

As with any mobile phone, there are many advantages to using widgets such as on the iPhone. The iPhone offers an incredible variety of different widgets that can be used for everything from basic function to entertainment. If your phone has more than enough memory and you can work around the problem by resetting the size of the icons, you should find that the problem is gone.

However, if your memory isn’t all that it could be, then you may want to consider upgrading your iPhone to the newest model and see how to show battery percentage display the way it did before. This may also increase the longevity of your iPhone’s life and give you more reasons to keep charging it up at all times.

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