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As the world continues to move in the direction of productivity and success, Linkedn is taking a look at some of its features. The first change is the new design of the main feed. It will now present the latest updates from connections, user profiles, and messages in the top left corner of the homepage. The new design is more reminiscent of a mobile app. It also places icons for various sections in the top right corner. This new design will help users get the most out of the site and find relevant content faster.

Why Linkedn so famous and its history

In February 2014, LinkedIn launched its Chinese language website and started expanding in China. In February 2012, Jeff Werner reported that LinkedIn was pulling out of China and Russia, as well as shutting down job postings in both countries. IDA Ireland welcomed the company to Ireland. In February 2014, Tiger Global invested $20 million in Linkedn and announced that the company will be expanding to these countries. In October 2012, LinkedIn acquired the Russian social networking site Mspoke for $2 billion.

Who should be joining Linkedn?

LinkedIn is a platform for anyone who seeks to advance their career. This can include people from various professional environments, such as small business owners, students and jobseekers. LinkedIn members can use LinkedIn to support a network of professionals, companies and groups within their sector and beyond their sector.

How do I get started on LinkedIn?


Linkedn is an online platform that connects the professionals of the world. Here are some steps to start LinkedIn:

Create a profile: Sign up and create your profile is the best way to start using LinkedIn. A full profile of LinkedIn will summarize your professional experience with your connections, current and future employers and recruiters. Thanks to your profile, you can present your professional life, milestones, skills and professional interests.

Build your network: Your network plays a crucial role to unlock the LinkedIn power. This will help you understand what’s going on in your sector and your professional circle. You can start by adding your family, your friends, past or current comrades and your collaborators to your network. You can also follow people, businesses or topics by navigating directly on the Fresh Perspectives page, which displays recommended sources to follow. You can use LinkedIn Events to create and reach professional events such as online workshops, seminars, sales and marketing events, networking events and more.

Find a job: If you are looking for a new professional opportunity, you can start looking for your job search on Linkedn. You can use LinkedIn to search companies and contact the employment community. You can also apply directly for roles, record job searches and inform your connections and recruiters that you are open to job offers.

Participate in conversations: You can easily participate in linkedn conversations. Participating in conversations can allow you to share your perspective on relevant problems and topics with others. You can love and comment on LinkedIn positions and articles. You can create or join LinkedIn groups to connect and develop with members who share your interests, experiences or aspirations. You can also use a set of light expressions called Linkedn Reactions, to easily communicate with your network.

Post content: Millions of members come to LinkedIn every day to connect, learn and share. You can empower and educate your professional circle with the content you publish on LinkedIn. You can also share your thoughts and ideas with Linkedn members using the Share area.

The free service of LinkedIn vs. Paid subscriptions

LinkedIn offers free and basic membership to anyone wants to create and manage an online professional profile.

If you upgrade to a premium subscription, you will also get additional access to LinkedIn products and features. Our paying subscriptions include marketing, recruitment, sales and learning products. You can try Linkedn Premium for free for a month.

What is LinkedIn and How Can I Use It?

Linkedn is the largest professional network in the world on the Internet. You can use Linkedn to find the good job or internship, connect and strengthen professional relationships and learn the skills you need to succeed your career. You can access LinkedIn from a desk desk, a LinkedIn mobile application, a mobile web experience or the Android Linkedn Linked.

LinkedIn’s full profile can help you connect to opportunities by highlighting your unique professional history through experience, skills and education.

You can also use LinkedIn to arrange offline events, join groups, write articles, publish photos and videos, etc.

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Main features of LinkedIn

Here are some of the basic features that this corporate network offers and how they were designed to be used by professionals.

Home: Once you are connected to Linkedn, Feed Feed is your news flow, displaying recent positions with other professionals and companies that you will find.

Profile: Your profile displays your name, your photo, your location, your profession and higher above. Below this, you have the possibility to customize various different sections as a brief summary, work experience, education and other sections in the same way that you could create a traditional CV or a CV.

My network: You will find here a list of all the professionals you are currently linked to LinkedIn. If you fly over this option on the top menu, you can also view a number of other options that will allow you to add contacts, find people you know and find alumni.

Jobs: All kinds of job lists are published on LinkedIn a day by employers and that LinkedIn will recommend specific jobs based on your current information, including your optional work location and preferences that you can complete for Get better adapted jobs.

Interests: In addition to your connections with professionals, you can also follow some interests on Linkedn. These include the company’s pages, groups based on location or interest, LinkedIn slideshare platform for slideshow publication and LinkedIn’s Lynda platform for educational purposes.

Search bar: LinkedIn has a powerful search feature that allows you to filter your results based on several different customizable fields. Click on “Advanced” next to the search bar to find specific professionals, businesses, jobs and more.

Messages: When you want to start a conversation with another professional, you can do it by sending them a private message via Linkedn. You can also add attachments, include photos and more.

Notifications: As other social networks, LinkedIn has a notification feature that allows you to know when a person has been approved by a person, invited to join something or welcome to view a position you may be interested.

Pending Invitations: When other professionals invite you to connect with them on LinkedIn, you will receive an invitation to approve.

Upgrading to a LinkedIn Premium account

Many people can agree with a free LinkedIn account, but if you are serious about LinkedIn and all its most advanced features, you may want to upgrade to one of the four accounts. Premium available. When you go exploring the platform, you will notice that some things like various advanced search features are not available for free users.

LinkedIn currently has premium plans for users who want to land their dream work, develop and feed their network, unlock sales opportunities and find or hire talent. You can try any premium plan for free for a month, after which you will be charged a monthly fee according to which you choose (plus tax).

LinkedIn Premium Career: $ 29.99 per month. For individual professionals seek to be hired and advance their careers.

LinkedIn Premium Business: $ 59.99 per month. For companies looking to develop and create a network.

LinkedIn Premium sales: $ 79.99 per month. For professionals and businesses looking for targeted prospects.

LinkedIn Premium hires: $ 119.99 per month. For professionals and businesses looking to recruit and hire employees.

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