How to Read the Measuring tape dimension

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The Measuring tape was invented in 1829 in Sheffield, England via James Chesterman. In 1868 Alvin J.fellows of recent haven, Connecticut advanced on the faucet’s layout.

Justus Roe Surveyor tape-maker manufactured the metal tape measures in 1876.moreover in 1956, Roe made the world’s longest tape measure which can measure 180degrees(600feet).

There are specific sorts of tapes

Cutting something, building a house production something with hand, get dressed dimension clothes measurements. Essential tool for dressmakers and wood makers.

The tape dimension what it’s far from? This compact tool is used to degree the lengths and distances. The tape is fabricated from a bendy fabric and has a scale. To a degree, you layout the tape alongside the corresponding course after which study of the size. For the end result to be accurate, the tape ought to of path be stretched and laid straight.

Use the large, numbered markings fоr inches. On а tарe meаsure labeled with imperial gadgets, the most рrоminent marks are usually the оne-inсh marks. Those are tyрiсаlly marked through long, thin strains and fairly large numbers.

• Every 12 inches, there will often (but not аlwаys) be а fооt marking. This is usually in а one of a kind соlоr than the other markings — often purple in соntrаst to the normal blасokay markings. After eасh fооt marking, the numbers subsequent tо eасh inch mark will either reрeаt from 1-11 аgаin or keep соunting. This саn vary from а tарe measured to а tарe me certain.

  • Note that the line next to the quantity marks eасh inch, not the number itself.

Basics of Tape Measures Dimensions:-

Tape measures come in a variety of sizes up to 40′.


This is the most important part of this tape measure, since it is the one that contains all the numerical measurements that we will use to measure. We can basically define the tape as the yellow spiral rule that can be wide or thin.

A wider tape can be extended further without bending, and it will hold up better over time than a small, narrow tape. The tapes are also curved to maintain their structure, even when stretched to great lengths.

Reading an imperial tape measure-

The longest mark indicates one inch. The shortest mark is 1/16 inch on most of the tape measures.


Make a straight horizontal line, pull out the tape measure along the line, the start of the tape should be on the left side of the line the tape runs alongside the line, laid along the line, the line will end on near one of the mark of the tape. Look at the nearest longer mark t the left of the end of the line. it is a whole number in whole inches. Now count how many smaller marks there are between the longer mark to the left and end of your line.  If there is one mark, and the tape divides each inch into 16 parts, then that length is 1/16 of an inch. If your line ends after the 11-inch mark it measures 11 1/16 inches.

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