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Coffee, a beverage loved all over the world. Coffee that wakes you up in the early morning with a fragrant smell and refreshes your mind in the late evening after work has become an essential item in modern people’s daily lives. Now you can enjoy a variety of coffee beans by type and origin anywhere. But what do you do with the coffee grounds leftover after brewing the coffee? If you throw it away, that’s a waste! Learn 14 great tips for recycling coffee grounds below. You will be amazed at how useful it is once you see it.

1. manure with Coffee Ground Soil

The leftovers after brewing the coffee make great manure. It is rich in phosphoric acid, nitrogen, potassium, etc., and helps plants to thrive.

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2. Cellulite Removal with Coffee Ground Soil

Most cellulite removers on the market contain caffeine. Instead of buying expensive creams, mix coffee grounds and vegetable oil to create an inexpensive and effective alternative.

Cellulite Removal


3. Compost with Coffee Ground Soil

Earthworms, which are sensitive to the taste of soil, like coffee grounds. Therefore, when coffee grounds are mixed with the soil of the garden, a lot of earthworms gather. It can be a bit disgusting, but the garden where earthworms live is humus soil, which is supplied with sufficient organic nutrients and becomes fertile. Farmers have good reasons for plucking paddy fields full of earthworms.


4. Get rid of snails with Coffee Ground Soil

On the other hand, snails that ruin the garden hate coffee grounds. To protect your precious crop from snails, dry and sprinkle coffee grounds. The daffodils won’t even come close. 

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5. Get rid of ants with Coffee Ground Soil

Erase traces of ants with strong coffee aroma. You can effectively get rid of ants without using pesticides. 


6. Repel wasps with Coffee Ground Soil

The coffee flavor is also good for chasing wasps. However, dried coffee grounds alone are not enough. Put the powder in a non-flammable container and light it with a matchstick. The incense generated at this time is harmless to the human body, and at the same time, it is perfect for driving out wasps.

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7. The stray cat with Coffee Ground Soil

To politely deter stray cats rummaging through garbage bags on the street, sprinkle coffee grounds around them. It protects you from cats as if you had hit an invisible barrier. (Would it be better to prepare water and food for a hungry cat?)

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8. Soap with Coffee Ground Soil

Mix coffee grounds to make homemade soap to help get rid of cellulite. It has good cleaning power and is excellent for fine powder keratin confectionery. You can catch three rabbits at once for skin, cleansing, and dead skin care.


9. Refrigerator Deodorizer with Coffee Ground Soil

If you leave strong smelling food in the refrigerator, the smell will quickly spread throughout the refrigerator. In this case, if you put a cup of coffee grounds in it, the odor will disappear completely. 


10. Washing the dishes with Coffee Ground Soil

Clean pots or pans that are stained with coffee grounds. It can be easily cleaned without the use of harsh detergents. Save money and save the environment. There is no other detergent like this.

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11. Hair Treatment with Coffee Ground Soil

Try a hair pack by mixing nutritious coffee grounds. You can get shine and nourishment at the same time. The darker the hair color, the more pronounced the effect.

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12. Remove Dark Circles with Coffee Ground Soil

Mix coffee grounds and olive oil, apply under the eyes and massage gently. The dull eye area brightens as if it had ever been. If you are using a pad coffee maker, you can place the leftover pad under your eyes. 

13. Clean the Grill with Coffee Ground Soil

A charred grill is not easy to scrub and clean. In this case, sprinkle coffee grounds on a scrubber and scrub the grill. After that, rinse it off with lukewarm water and you’re done! 


14. Dog Flea Removal with Coffee Ground Soil

It is very frustrating when your dog is infected with fleas. Coffee grounds also come into play here. Apply the powder all over your dog’s body and gently massage into the fur. The fleas are falling out, and the dog expresses happiness all over his body. It’s perfect. 


Isn’t it surprising that coffee grounds that have always been thrown away can be used in so many ways? 

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