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What women can learn from men Ten years ago at the latest, the old wives’ tale that women always need longer in the bathroom than men could be tipped off. The cosmetics association VKE published information back in 2010 that said that both men and women allow themselves 15 to 30 minutes a day for body care. Does that also mean that women are now getting care tips from their partners?

The topic of care has become increasingly important to men / women can learn from men

For dental care, showering, creaming, styling and shaving, a balanced result was achieved ten years ago: women need just as long in the bathroom as men. Was that a result of the “allegations” that women always spend what feels like an eternity in the bathroom? There is no information about this from the study operator.

However, the VKE explains that the world of men is said to have changed when it comes to care: “ Today men no longer have any fear of contact with the subject of“ care ”. The new men’s care series are precisely tailored to the special requirements of male skin. In addition to the classics such as aftershave and fragrance, men are now increasingly using special facial care products such as cleansing foam and creams and also self-tanners or care products with self-tanners. In addition, there are increasingly special products such as eye care, masks and serums. “

This is where women can learn from men

Anyone who continues to think that women should get tips on skincare from their partners may initially be astonished. But a look at these details shows that there are really points that women can learn from men.

Plenty of shaving foam allows the wet razor to be used gently on the skin

If the man uses a safety razor, plenty of shaving cream must be applied beforehand. Women should learn that from men.

Plenty of shaving foam allows the wet razor to be used gently on the skin

There is a simple reason that safety razors are still largely a “man’s thing”. Women tend to save on foam when using their wet razors (sometimes for reasons of time). The result is skin irritation and skin problems. So women should adopt the behavior of their men by thoroughly applying foam and letting it soak in. You can use your ladyshaver or the so-called safety razor to shave. A comparison of safety razors and a comprehensive guide are available online.

However, the main focus there is on the different types of safety razors: “ The first type is the safety razor with a closed comb. These are models in which the blade almost rests on a curvature of the razor head. This safety razor is suitable for beginners as the shave feels gentler on the skin. (…) If you have a safety razor with an open comb, the blade rests on several prongs that are supposed to straighten the hair before the cut. The blades of this safety razor stick out a little further. So there is more space between the comb and the blade edge. Accordingly, the risk of injury is a little higher, since the blade has a contact surface that is a few millimeters larger here. “

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Women should think more practically when it comes to care products

Cream in the jar is the classic, but pump dispensers are easier to dose.

Women should think more practically when it comes to care products

The VKE already recognized ten years ago that the men’s world takes a very close look at creams, tubes and jars before buying them. The corresponding press release states: “ Incidentally, there are a few small differences between the new man and the female consumer: For men, both the product and the packaging must above all be practical and functional. The partner’s cream jar is now practically taboo. ” At this point, women can certainly learn from their partners – or is it the manufacturers who should take this statement into account?

Pump dispensers that spit out lotions at the push of a button are particularly hygienic and practical. The disadvantage here is usually that there is always a residue in the pump dispenser, which can then only be pumped up with difficulty using the pump mechanism.

Separate care and fragrance. That helps the skin

Separate care and fragrance. That helps the skin

Of course, it is practical if the care product sprays a pleasant scent directly. However, this combination of care and fragrance is no good for the skin. Instead, dermatologists advise looking for natural care products that are fragrance-free. This prevents irritation on the skin. Perfume can then be used for the right scent.

There are three types of skin care for classic skin care – depending on the skin care needs: “ Ointments form a thick protective film and thus prevent it from drying out. (…) Creams contain more water than ointments. They have a less firm consistency and are therefore easier and more pleasant to apply. (…) Of all care products, lotions contain the most water. This evaporates easily, which has a cooling and rather drying effect. “

Dermatologists recommend applying care that is tailored to the complexion and needs of the skin and, if necessary, providing a pleasant fragrance selectively. If you don’t want to do without perfume, although fragrances are suspected of triggering allergies , you might be able to make friends with the natural scents of organic perfumes.

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