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In this article we will let you know about all the details and important facts about substack app.

How to use the Substack app’s inbox

There are four main tabs in the application, accessible from the lower bar: your inbox, the Discover tab, your library and your profile. The inbox is all the left, and it will show all the new messages of the writers you subscribe.

Press any of these messages to read them and a new lower bar will appear. From there, you can press the heart icon for as a post, the speech bubble to comment, the icon on the part, the icon, the part and the archive icon (a box with A lid), to hide the pole in your archives. The bell icon in the upper right corner will inform you of all interactions with your comments or other substitution activity, and it is on each screen of the application. When you have finished reading, press the rear arrow at the top left or slide the right to return to your inbox.

You can also press for a long time on any input, which will open options to display on Web (this will open the message in your mobile browser of choice), see the main page of the publication (see publication) and archive the post. Speaking of archiving, you can drag left on any article in your inbox to archive it, or tap the Archive icon at the top right to store everything in your inbox at a time.

If you are viewing the publication, you can press the three points at the top right to share it, browse all on the web, unsubscribe and manage your subscription. Press this last option and you will be able to modify your name, e-mail address, subscription status, and how this publication can inform you. You can not tell different newsletters to go to different e-mails – you must use an email for all your subscriptions – and disable all notifications for a publication will not be unsubscribed.

How to find more newsletters in the Substack app

The magnifying glass icon on the lower bar leads to the Discover tab. You can type anything in the search bar of this tab to find more newsletters or scroll until the subfill has decided to figure this week. The application also lists the categories of topics you can browse.

Press any publication to view more information about its profile page, including its latest positions and people involved. If you like it, tap subscribe to subscribe and free subscriber. You will also get a confirmation email that includes additional subscription options, such as paying for full posts.

A final option is discovered via Twitter, which involves connecting your Twitter account to see what people in your network read and write. To do this, you will need to provide your Twitter username or email, as well as your Twitter password. This will give Subscack Reader the ability to see tweets on your calendar (including those protected); your lists and collections; your profile information and your account settings; Your email address; And the accounts you follow, deaf and block.

If you want to disable subfill access to your tweets, open Twitter, tap your profile picture (on mobile) or more (on the Web), and access settings and privacy, access to access Safety and sessions, connected applications. , Select Subscole and choose Reverse Application Permissions.

Substack app settings you should know

Tap your profile icon (it looks like a person) and you will be able to modify your profile. You will also be able to see your subscriptions and all the messages you have written. Look for the COG icon in the upper right corner to access more settings.

Here you can activate push notifications, and if you want to disable them at any time, you must open the iOS Settings application, find the basement, tap the notifications and choose your preferences.

You can also pause e-mail notifications here so you do not receive dual notification of new application messages and your inbox. This parameter is actually disabled by default, so you will want to activate to keep your alerts at a minimum.


Why You Should Switch to Substack’s New App

Substack is an information platform that allows you to follow specific writers and receive their items directly in your inbox. Its business model center around a subscription allowing writers to make themselves paid directly from their audience (when removing substitution). This is a great way to collect all your favorite writers in the same place, but if you follow several people on underfill, you have probably known the email notification dam to new items. It can be a little bit. But now you can collect them in one application and cut the endless notifications for the property.

The Reader subsequent (iPhone) application offers a better reading experience and a hub to track your favorite writers – without any notifications. When you configure the free application, simply activate pause messaging notifications. (If you have not activated this option when configuring and you want now, tap the profile icon in the lower right corner of the application and select Notifications. The pause notification option is available here .) If you ever stop using the application, the fill will resume sending e-mails, so you do not miss any items.

In addition, when you log in to the replacement application, you will be prompted to create a profile and you will see a list of newsletters associated with your e-mail address. These newsletters will be publicly displayed on your profile; Uncheck them during configuration (or later), going to profile icon> Edit Profile.

You will also find a tab Discover in the subfill (the magnifying glass icon), which highlights the items presented. You can also choose to connect your Twitter profile with filling to find a list of more common items from the playlist of the people you are following. (Of course, keep in mind that the twitter link to fill is supplied with a privacy risk.)

What Is Substack And How Does It Work?

The owners of the newsletter can also sell complex subscriptions to the public, rather than a writer who performs ads on their website or relying on independent writing concerts.

Subjecting helps to create and manage a website, offers a payment option to manage subscriptions, creates a funnel that allows drives to have free content and limit the rest so they subscribe then to read it .

The bonus of the substitution newsletters is that creators do not need to be tech-SVVY. You also do not have to worry about social media, plugins or technical tools associated with blogging. It is easy to use and there are many tools to help editors in the newsletter to get up and run.

If you decide to launch a paid newsletter, the underfill accused a 10% commission on paid subscribers.

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The Best Substack Newsletters

  • Luke O’Neil – Welcome To Hell World
  • Anna Codrea-Rado – The Professional Freelancer
  • Flow State
  • Anthony Pompliano – The Pomp Letter
  • Daily Writing Habits
  • Insight
  • Sara Bessey’s Field Notes
  • Tangle

Facts about substack app

When I was first looking at the Substack app, I was struck by the lack of a complex business model. I was also impressed by its simplicity, compared to other technology startups. I had heard a lot of hype about the monetization potential of this app, but few details were available. What I did find was a clean, transparent business model. Like many startups, Substack was built with writers in mind, and was built with transparency as a priority.

Substack launched as an email newsletter service, and the service quickly grew. Within a year, it had 25,000 paying subscribers. Today, it boasts over half a million paying subscribers. In addition to its email newsletter capabilities, the Substack app now supports podcasts. In addition, it has raised $82.4 million in funding, with 15 investors providing money. Read more about the benefits of Substack’s paid subscription service.

While the app isn’t entirely free, it does offer a library feature, which lets readers subscribe to publications without having to pay for an upgrade. This eliminates Apple’s 30% in-app purchase fee, and readers can update their subscriptions on the web or subscribe to podcasts directly from the app. It also has topic categories, so it is possible to browse by topic. As far as features go, there are many to choose from.

Readers love the fact that the Substack reader app is free to download, and it allows them to access all of their subscriptions in a single inbox. The app also has a discovery tab that allows you to browse different publications by topic. You can access podcasts and videos from your subscriptions, and comment sections are also available. As for the subscriptions, you can add RSS feeds so that you can get the latest updates.

The Substack app has an impressive mission statement. Its main purpose is to promote writers. It also benefits readers. It allows readers to subscribe to publications without having to pay. While this is not a complete solution for writers, it can be a great option for both. Because it allows writers to earn more through subscriptions, it can be a great way to make money. But while there are a few downsides, it is important to understand that the platform is an excellent way to promote a new publication.

The main focus of Substack is to promote writers. The app allows readers to subscribe to publications without having to pay for the entire subscription. This saves the writer from Apple’s 30% in-app purchase fee. The app also allows readers to update their subscriptions on their computer, making it a great choice for authors. However, it’s not yet available for Android users. This is a problem for writers who want to use their mobile devices to promote their publications.

Best Substack Newsletters: FAQs

Is Substack Free?

Substack is free for writers and information owners to use. However, if you activate paid subscriptions, they take 10% of what subscribers pay.

How Much Can You Make On Substack?

Maths is your friend. If you attract 1000 subscribers and convert 5% to $ 5 a month, you can expect to win $ 250 a month. If you convert 1000 subscribers from a much larger list at the same rhythm, you can expect to win $ 5,000 a month.

Luke O’Neill earns more than $ 100,000 a year welcome to hell world! However, it is a high-level writer. It is difficult to make money on Substack without a hearing or online marketing skills.

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