Trinidad Valentin – A Christian and a Model

Trinidad Valentin

You may be wondering about Trinidad Valentin and how she became famous. Well, she is Filipina-Chinese and a model. But did you know that she is also a Christian? In this article, we’ll go over some facts about Trinidad, including her religion, family, and appearance. She also has three daughters. So, what else should you know about Trinidad? Keep reading to discover her fascinating story! She is a Christian, but was also a model.

Trinidad Valentin is a Filipina-Chinese

Trinidad Valentine is a famous actress, model, and rapper. Born in 1976, she is 46 years old. She has mixed Asian heritage. She is a Filipina and is part of the Filipino-Chinese ethnicity. Her parents were married in the Philippines and had seven children. Trinidad was a model when she was young. Her parents are not in the public eye, but she is a well-known face in the entertainment industry.

The Filipina-Chinese actress grew up in the Central Valley in California. She has six siblings and has not revealed much about her parents. She became famous after giving birth to her first child, Saweetie, at the age of 17. Her real name is Diamonte Quiava Valentin Harper. Her parents are Filipino-Chinese immigrants. Trinidad Valentin has a long and colorful history in entertainment.

In addition to modeling, Trinidad is also a mother. Her husband, Johnny Harper, played football for San Jose State University. She was a mother and has one daughter, Saweetie. While Trinidad Valentin’s net worth is unknown, the income she earns is mainly from her daughter. Trinidad is also a mother to Saweetie Harper, who is a rap star.

She is a model

Trinidad Valentine is a model and musician. She has become a well-known face in the music industry. She has appeared in numerous music videos. Trinidad’s career started at a young age when she was just a child. She began giving auditions for modeling shoots and soon found herself on the cover of Vogue. She has since starred in music videos for many popular singers, and her mother has also become a well-known figure in the industry.

Trinidad Valentin has three children with her husband, Johnny Harper. Her mother’s name is not known, but she does have six siblings, so it’s possible she was born into a family of film and music fans. Her mother is a video enthusiast and loves taking pictures and recording music. Trinidad has three children with her husband, and she has not revealed their names. Her husband, Johnny Harper, is an avid photographer. Trinidad Valentin’s children are named Maya, Milan, and Sweetie.

Trinidad Valentin is a model and singer in the United States. She confessed in a YouTube video that she used to work as a video model. She appeared in music videos including DMX and Nelly’s Ride Wit Me. She is also a mother to Saweetie, an American rapper. Trinidad credits much of her success as being Saweetie’s mother. Trinidad says she’s proud to be a mom and a model.

She has three daughters

The relationship between Trinidad Valentine and his daughters has come under a cloud since the couple have never talked publicly about their roots. Trinidad’s parents, Jose and Teodora, are from a Filipino-Chinese family and were married in 1937. She was three years old when she married her first husband, and he died in 2004 in Orlando, Florida. She had three daughters with her second husband, including twins, Sophia and Marcello.

The first child of Trinidad Valentin and Johnny Harper was born in 1993. The couple met when Trinidad was seventeen and married at the age of eighteen. They have three daughters and three sons. Their relationship was not publicized, and neither did their relationship with Johnny. The pair have not been open about their relationship, but Trinidad has revealed in various interviews that her first daughter, Saweetie, was named after her grandmother.

While her children were still young, Trinidad was an actor and model in music videos. One of her daughters, Saweetie, claimed that her mother was a “video lady.” She also appeared in hip hop recordings such as DMX and Nelly. Trinidad’s daughters also made appearances in movies like The Icy Life. She is a beautiful woman who loves animals. She also loves traveling. There is no official bio about Trinidad, but she has appeared in several hip-hop recordings.

She is a Christian

Trinidad Valentin is a famous model, actress and rapper. She was born in 1996 and is of Filipino-Chinese ancestry. She is a Christian and follows Christianity. Trinidad is married and has three children, named Milan, Sweetie, and Maya. Her children are not very famous yet. Trinidad has not revealed much about her family. It seems that she is working hard to make it big in the business.

She used to be a model, especially in the United States. In a YouTube video, Trinidad said she was a web model in her teen years. She also appeared in music videos, including those of DMX and Nelly. However, she is mostly known as the mother of her daughter, Saweetie. She attributes most of her success to her daughter and says she is happy to be a mother.

Born in California, Trinidad Valentin has six siblings. Her parents are not known, and little is known about their background. However, Trinidad is the mother of Saweetie. Her mother was only a teenager when she gave birth to Trinidad, which makes it even more complicated. Trinidad and her children are Christians, and their religion is their priority. A Christian faith is the best way to live a fulfilling life. You can make your dreams come true by following Trinidad Valentine.

She is a music video product

Trinidad Valentin is a singer and audio model. She is also a famous celeb member. Her mother, Saweetie, has given her a good reputation. She has been a celebrity member since a young age, and her success as a parent and musician is testament to the fact that she has overcome the odds of being unsuccessful in her life. The music video product Trinidad has made is her reason for fame. She collaborated with many celebrities including DMX and L.L. Cool J in creating the video for her song, “Real Love,” and it has gained her a following.

Trinidad Valentin was born somewhere in The usa. She has 6 siblings and is married to Johnny Harper, who was once an NFL participant. She has two children with Johnny. Both of them have been active in music for many years and are currently enjoying success in their careers. Trinidad Valentine has been on the music scene for over a decade. She has released a music video every year, and she is a part of the music video industry.

After graduating from high school, Trinidad Valentin moved to Los Angeles and began a successful career as a music model. Her husband, Johnny Harper, is also supportive of her endeavors. Johnny Harper gave her the idea to create a music video for her new found fame. The two were together for a few years before Trinidad Valentin became an overnight sensation. She has since released a music video that has earned her a devoted following.

She was a music video product at her young age

Trinidad Valentine was a music video product at a young age. According to her daughter Saweetie, Trinidad’s mother is a camera enthusiast. The young actress and model worked as a model and appeared in several music videos during her childhood. In 2020, Trinidad was revealed to be a video vixen. After her successful career as a model, she has also become a mother and a singer.

When she was a child, Trinidad raised her daughter Saweetie in the Central Valley, California. She had limited experience in raising children, but Trinidad sent her to high school in Tracy, California. She then went to Monterey Trail High School and attended San Diego State University, where she studied business and correspondence. While attending college, she began writing songs and rapping. As a child, Trinidad had never performed on stage, but she had a knack for singing and rapping.

In 2020, Trinidad Valentin revealed her career in a segment of the reality show The Icy Life. During her teenage years, she became a web model and appeared in music videos, mostly hip-hop videos. She earned her wealth from brand endorsements and attending events. Besides singing, she is also known for being a mother of Saweetie. Despite her young age, Trinidad Valentin has become an influential celebrity.

She is a music video product at her young age

According to Wikipedia, Trinidad Valentin is a Filipina-Chinese who was a music video model when she was a child. Her parents had seven children altogether and she was one of them. The movie, The Icy Life in 2020, reveals that her mother is an avid video person. In her youth, Trinidad appeared in a number of hip hop music recordings, including DMX’s Ride Wit Me and Nelly’s Ride Wit Me.

The music video star grew up in the Central Valley of California. Her mother had a difficult time raising the young girl, as Trinidad had little experience in parenting. However, she eventually sent her daughter to Monterey Trail High School in Tracy, California. She then went on to study business and correspondence at San Diego State University. While at college, she started writing songs and started rapping. Today, Trinidad is a successful music video product at a young age.

The star’s career was revealed during an episode of the show, “The Icy Life”. She was a web model during her teen years and has been featured in numerous music videos. Most of her appearances have been hip hop songs, and she has gained her wealth by working as a brand endorser and performing at events. In 2016, Trinidad Valentin will turn 44 years old. Trinidad’s net worth is estimated at $900,000 and she is very popular with fans.

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