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Sara Calixto

Sara Calixto is a Colombian model, who began posting photos of herself on Instagram back in December 2016. Since then, her Instagram profile has been updated with a variety of poses, from wearing lingerie to modeling. She also has a patreon page, where she asks followers to donate money. She was born in Columbia but now lives in New York, United States. Her net worth is estimated to range from $1 Million to $5 million dollars. This sum represents her primary career as an Instagram Star. Despite being a professional YouTuber, Sara Calixto is still a young model and is still in the process of establishing herself as a successful actress.

Sara Calixto is a Colombian fashion model. She was born on January 8 in 1993 and has over 800k followers on Instagram. Her profile is an important part of her brand. Aside from her beautiful pictures and inspiring messages, she also has a strong personality. She is a popular role model and social influencer on Instagram.

Social Media Accounts of Sara Calixto

Sara calixto Instagram account

Sara Calixto’s Instagram account is one of the most popular on the platform. She has over 800,000 followers and has been featured on several other popular sites. Her videos have also been widely shared by many people who are affected by suicide. Her enviable social media following has led to her building a patreon page and the creation of a website for suicide girls.

Since Sara Calixto began posting pictures on Instagram in December 2016, she has been updating her account constantly. In addition to her Instagram profile, she also has a website dedicated to helping other young women avoid suicide. Her videos and pictures have been gaining a large following and she has more than 800,000 followers. The success of Sara Calixto’s Instagram has led to a number of lucrative opportunities. A new book is in the works and her new website will allow her to share her story to even more people.

Sara Calixto is a popular Instagram star. The former model, who has been criticized for being too negative, started uploading pictures of herself in December 2016, and has since then has been constantly updating her profile. She has become famous by speaking out about suicide and has created a website. The Instagram profile has garnered a huge fanbase of over 800k. Aside from that, she has also developed a successful patreon page, which has helped her to build a larger audience.

The Instagram profile of Sara Calixto has been constantly updated. The pictures are of the same model as the ones that she posted on her website. While there are many similarities between the two profiles, the social media profile has more followers, but the only thing they share is their names. Although Calixto’s Instagram profile is primarily about her life. She has many tattoos and is a strong advocate for mental health.

Sara Calixto YouTube Channel

In addition to being popular Youtuber, Sara Calixto is a qualified starlet who has a lovely look. Her videos reveal a range of topics, including his personal life and love. As an ambitious starlet, she has already reached fame and also appealed to the United States. If you are interested in learn more about Sara, playback continues! You will quickly find more things about it.

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Sara Calixto Biography

Sara Calixto is a famous Star on Instagram, born on January 8, 1993, in Colombia. Star Instagram is best known for its variety of modeling photos. It is also known to gain representation and to be a model for the popular suicidegirls.com website according to the astrologers, the zodiac sign of Sara Calixto is Capricorn. She was born and raised in Colombia.

Sara Calixto net worth

Sara is one of the richest stars on Instagram and is classified as the most popular star on Instagram. According to our analysis, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, the net worth of Sara Calixto is about $ 1.5 million.

She first started posting images on her Instagram in December 2016. Since then, she has continuously updated her profile with new images in a variety of modeling and lingerie poses. After getting a representation of suicide girls, she created a Patreon page where others can donate and become members.

Wiki of Sara Calixto

  • Full Name:          Sara Calixto
  • Birthday:              January 7, 1993
  • Hometown:        Colombia
  • Location:              Medellin, Colombia
  • Ethnicity               Colombian
  • Languages Spoken:         Spanish/English
  • Eye Color:            Brown
  • Zodiac Sign:        Capricorn
  • Hobbies               Smoking weed, playing Animal Crossing
  • Favorite Food:   Sushi
  • Favorite Music: Hip hop, reggae and electronic music
  • Tattoos:               30
  • Pets:      Julieta (Italian Greyhound)

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