How to Turn Your Business Blog Posts into Engaging Content


When we start a business or create a new product, one of the first things we consider is an effective marketing strategy. Many marketing gurus recommend including the internet in our plans to improve brand awareness. The internet is an essential, cost-effective marketing tool we can harness to promote our businesses.

There are several approaches we can take when developing a marketing strategy. One of the most popular and infallible techniques is blogging. The term blog post refers to a short or long piece of writing containing information that the reader finds valuable. We read blogs for multiple reasons. We may read for entertainment, education, or information. To create an exceptional, engaging blog post, we should aim to do all the above.

Before detailing the crucial tips to make business blog posts more entertaining, we should understand what engagement is. Engagement refers to the shares, likes, and comments we get on our blog posts. The purpose of engagement is to boost awareness and seal conversions. Furthermore, there are several ways to create engaging content.

One secret I’d offer to improve our blogs is to craft the post like it is a video. Video remains a popular medium among internet users. Short videos take the cake when grabbing the audience’s attention. We should understand and incorporate the importance of video in all parts of our marketing strategies, including blogs. We can even turn our article into a video. The tips stated in this article help us implement this perspective in our blog posts to enhance our engagement.

Tips to create engaging business blog posts.

Craft content suited to the everyday person.

One mistake many people make when writing blogs is to assume that they should use big words, complex sentences, and less-known jargon. In most cases, the person reading the post is not an industry expert or rocket scientist. They are casual readers looking for information on a topic they are interested in. However, we should not neglect the erudite audience seeking more specialized content. Furthermore, the average reader skims over the content.

Our role is to create content that engages the reader, highlights key points, and flows beautifully. The tried-and-tested tricks to do this are listed as follows:

  • Break the content into several sections.
  • Avoid long-winded paragraphs even if the content is relevant. These types of paragraphs disrupt the readers’ attention and discourage them.
  • Moreover, we can format some parts into bullet points, especially when stating more than three items.
  • Language is another factor to consider. We should ensure that our grammar is up to the mark, our sentences are short, and our vocabulary is uncomplicated.
  • In some cases, using a table or chart is a better option.

Add visual elements.

We have already discussed the relevance of video to maintain the audience’s attention. The best way to revamp your business blog content to reach out to your target audience & make it more engaging and appealing is create a video of informational blog post of the your brand’s product or service offerings. This means we convert the entire post into a script and use it in an interactive video. The video doesn’t need to be an extravagant masterpiece. It can be a simple slideshow of intriguing, relevant images. There are several articles-to-video software programs online.

Additionally, other visual elements we can consider are photos. This may seem an obvious tip to us, but photos are so essential that we must reinforce their relevance. According to Forbes, blog posts featuring photos have 94% more engagement than their counterparts. Images complement the article, draw the reader’s attention, and boost the blog post on the algorithm.

We can also consider using a unique font for the page logo or post.

Focus on the article’s purpose.

We should always stick to the purpose of writing blog posts. Any deviation at any point may dissuade the reader. Let’s imagine reading a blog post on a bakery’s new pastry, and midway in the article, there is a discussion on the bakery’s roots. We would be confused and, most likely, stop reading. This is what happens to our readers when we deviate from the topic at hand.

The inverted pyramid technique helps us stay focused when curating a blog post. In this technique, we kick off with the essential information, sprinkle in some crucial statements, and include additional information that captures the readers’ attention.Another way to ensure that we stay consistent is by following the flow of the article. Does the first paragraph make sense? Is it relevant to the article? Next, we review the sections. Are our sections applicable and direct? What about the content under these sections? Finally, does the conclusion tie the entire blog post together?

Customer-oriented pop-ups.

Today, every time we visit an online page. We encounter a simple yet brilliant marketing strategy. This trick seems so plain that we may overlook it – pop-ups. These small letter boxes give us direct access to the brand or business. They also feature some questions asking us to discuss our experiences or issues with a customer service representative immediately.

As business owners, we should not overlook the effectiveness of pop-ups. They help us gain insight into the user experience as the audience interacts with our blog. We learn about the elements we need to enhance for a better customer experience and those we should adjust. Furthermore, they are a free source of lead generation. We can convince our readers to sign up for newsletters, keeping them updated with business endeavors.

Wrapping up…

Even as social media dominates the online sphere, blogging remains a force to reckon with. Blogs are very popular, with how-to articles being the most read. Our major goal when writing a blog post is to boost engagement. We can do this by optimizing it for the reader and the algorithm. We make the content attractive to readers and include visual elements to navigate the algorithm. Using these tips helps us increase the number of likes, shares, and comments.

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