Apple 100m Blackdillettechcrunch: Everything You Need To Know

apple 100m blackdillettechcrunch

Apple 100m Blackdillettechcrunch: In June last year, Apple donated 100 million dollars to the Initiative for Racial Equity and Justice (REJI). The initiative is led by Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president for environment, politics, and social initiatives. Today, Apple shared part of its work as part of this initiative. Apple 100m blackdillettetechcrunch.

REJI’s newest initiatives will be launched with partners from a variety of industries and backgrounds, including students, teachers, entrepreneurs, and community organizers. Together we will work on expanding the rights and opportunities of communities that have suffered from discrimination and racism for too long. “It’s our great honor to bring this vision to life and align with Apple’s values ​​of equality, inclusion and justice,” said Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. “apple 100m blackdillettechcrunch”

The company will donate 25 million dollars to the Propel Center, which is an innovative and educational center for historically black colleges and universities. It will be both a virtual platform and a physical campus in the University Center of Atlanta. Apple shared some images of the new building, including these images.

Know about Apple 100m Blackdillettechcrunch

Various educational tracks will be available to students, including artificial intelligence, agricultural technology, social justice and entertainment. They can also study application development, augmented reality, design and creativity, and entrepreneurship. Apple not only makes financial investments, but also employees help develop educational programs. Tutoring will also be provided. Students will be able to get an internship.

The company will also open an Apple Developer Academy in downtown Detroit, focused on young black entrepreneurs. This is a collaboration with the University of Michigan. This course will be available for all students of Detroit and will provide valuable skills to creators, entrepreneurs and programmers. “apple 100m blackdillettechcrunch”

There will be 2 programs. The initial 30-day program will tell you more about the application economy and help you find your way in the industry. If you want to dig deeper, there is an intensive program lasting 10 to 12 months. These two programs are designed to help Apple reach 1000 students every year.

The third effort is focused on investment opportunities for black and brown entrepreneurs. Harlem Capital, a venture capital firm from New York, will receive 10 million dollars from Apple investment. Harlem Capital continues collaboration with Apple.

Apple also invested 25 million dollars in the Clear Vision Impact Fund of Zybert Williams Shank. Apple will also make a donation to The King Center.

Apple’s Racial Equality and Justice Initiative, as you can see, is an ongoing process that requires constant evaluation of new opportunities. Apple is not just looking for money for everyone. Each opportunity is evaluated individually to determine the best partnership. “apple 100m blackdillettechcrunch”

YouTube and Apple have both recently announced plans to help fund black artists. These efforts come after recent protests and heightened awareness of long-standing racial discrimination in the US. In addition, the recently-concluded trial of rapper George Floyd, the deaths of two black men by police, has sparked a new wave of big-company actions to help the black community. Apple chief executive Tim Cook announced plans to invest $100 million in the community and make black artists a priority.

Funding for black artists

Google-owned YouTube and Apple have both announced new $100 million funds to support black artists and creators. These moves come in the wake of recent protests in the US that centered on long-standing discrimination and the killing of an African American man by police. These actions are part of a growing trend of big companies supporting the black community. Apple chief executive Tim Cook explained the initiative in a four-minute video titled “Racial Equity and Justice.” The funds will start by funding US-based artists and creators before extending globally. “apple 100m blackdillettechcrunch”

To further advance its efforts to create a more diverse workforce, Apple is launching new initiatives aimed at expanding the pool of black and Hispanic creators. The company will also foster black application developers and support the creation of more black-owned companies. In addition to the funding for artists, Apple is planning to establish an entrepreneurial camp for black and Hispanic creators. The company plans to launch the first video project at 6 p.m. ET on Saturday.

YouTube fund

The new Apple 100m Blackdillettech Crunch YouTube fund is an attempt to reward creators for creating original content. The new fund is intended to encourage new creators to publish original short videos on YouTube, but creators need not be YouTube Partner Program members to apply. The money will be given to creators who reach certain milestones such as views, engagement, and subscriber growth. Further details about the fund and the criteria for receiving payments will be made public closer to its launch. “apple 100m blackdillettechcrunch”

The money will support educational programmes, economic equality, and criminal justice reform. The money will also be used to support creators of color. The fund is a response to recent protests in the US that call attention to discrimination against black Americans. The initiative, which will start investing in the US, will eventually be expanded worldwide. YouTube is expected to expand this fund over the next few years. However, YouTube is not yet a perfect platform for black creators, and it’s unclear how much of the money will be dedicated to black creators.

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