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Erin Payne

Erin Payne is an American painter. Born on September 8, 1971, in San Diego, California, she first attended high school before enrolling at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After graduating from high school, she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, and then continued her education by earning her Master of Fine Arts at Claremont Graduate University. She has since traveled the world and has exhibited her works throughout the United States.

Early life of Erin Payne

Payne, who grew up in San Diego, California, is an artist who has been exhibiting her work since 2002. In addition to showing her paintings at several galleries around the country, she has also been featured on TV. She is often referred to as an “American Pop Artist,” which shows that her paintings are a reflection of her personal life and the life of her actor husband. In addition to being a popular performer, she has a successful art career as a freelance illustrator, author, and director.

Wiki of Erin Payne

Birth name: Erin Payne Date of birth: September 8, 1971 Age: 48 years Place of birth: San Diego, United States of America Sun sign: Virgo Height: 5 feet 9 inches Eye color: Black Hair color: Black Profession: Painter Marital status: Married Citizenship: American Ethnicity:

Erin Payne and Jake Johnson

They have not revealed anything about their relationship so far. What we know is that they have been together since 2005. We hope they publish information about how they have met as a fantastic story about the first meeting of a couple.


Children of Erin Payne and Jake Johnson

Jake and Erin decided to get married in 2011 after being ready to have children. So, in 2013, Erin gave birth to twins. Although this has not been confirmed, our speculation comes from an interview where Jake said that his daughter was three and a half years old, this interview was taken in 2017.

Once again, from the same talk, we can say that the children of Erin and Jake are over five at the moment. In addition, the names of their children has also been revealed in another interview with Jake Johnson. Erin and Jake named their twin son and daughter Dan and Rachel Johnson, respectively.

Every detail about Erin Payne

  • Erin Payne is a painter who has carved a niche for herself in the world of art. Despite the fact that she pursued many other fields while at college, she was eventually drawn to her passion for painting. Her love of color and her husband, who has been pursuing his dreams, are both inspirational. The two married artists have three children, three daughters, and a son. Although they have a long way to go, Erin Payne’s artwork will be a beautiful addition to any home or office.
  • Erin Payne was born in San Diego, California, and received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2002. In 2009, she enrolled at Claremont Graduate University, where she earned her Master of Fine Arts. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles. She has three children. She is also married to an actor named Jake Johnson. She has shown her work at the Los Angeles Contemporary, OBJCT Gallery, and Groundspace Project.
  • Erin Payne is an American painter. She has won the New American Painting Reader’s Choice Award for her paintings in 2012. Her art has been shown at various exhibition grounds, including the Los Angeles Contemporary, OBJCT Gallery, and the Ray Groundspace Project. She is also the wife of actor Jake Johnson. Aside from her talented artistic talent, she is also a husband to a popular actor, Jake Johnson.
  • While establishing a career in painting, Erin Payne has been very private about her relationships. Her husband Jake Johnson, who is famous for his movies, is the better half of her artist husband. Her work is both highly aesthetic and artistic. She has won the New American Painting Readers Choice award in 2012, and she exhibits her work at the OBJCT Gallery and the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions. The actress has been a painter since high school and has exhibited at many galleries and art venues.
  • The talented artist is an avid painter. She has won numerous awards for her paintings. She has been recognized in several exhibitions, including the New American Painting Reader’s Choice Award. As of February 2020, her net worth is estimated at $8 million. She earned $100,000 for her role in the TV show “New Girl.” She is an artist who combines art and her love of people. With a passion for painting, she teaches art and shares her talents with other artists.
  • Erin Payne’s work is very popular, and her paintings are sold at a variety of art galleries. She is married to Jake Johnson, a famous actor in Hollywood. Besides being a popular artist, she also has a very charming personality. Whether she’s a professional or a hobby, her art is sure to make you feel special. So, if you’re looking for an inspirational painter, take a look at the works of Erin Payne.

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Social Media account of Erin Payne

Erin Payne Net, Income and Profession

Erin is a professional artist and has established successfully throughout the years. Being the woman of a star has probably helped you win the popularity as an artist, but that would not have contributed to what his works are not up to it.

So we can say that Erin is a painter successfully and talented. She has organized exhibitions in many reputable sites such as basic system project, Durden and Ray, contemporary exhibitions of Los Angeles, Objects Gallery and L.A. Mart. The average annual income of a painter in America is $ 41,439, but we can assume that Erin is above average because of his fame on the ground.

Erin’s husband, Jake Johnson, has a net worth of $ 8 million, depending on the richest net worth and celebrity. While the net worth of Erin does not represent as much as her husband, she has a net worth of $ 700,000, which is quite reputable and above average for a painter in America.


Erin Payne is an American painter. She won the New American Painting Reader’s Choice Award in 2012, and she has been exhibiting her works in several exhibitions. She has also won the OBJCT Art Prize. In addition to her painting career, she is the wife of Jake Johnson, an actor, comedian, and writer. Their marriage is happy and their son is very happy with their new-found love.

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