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The tragic hero of the manga, Makima, is a very relatable character. The protagonist yearns for a familial relationship but instead builds it through fear. She attempts to make a better world with the wrong methods. As the title implies, her goal is to bring about change by any means necessary, even through violence and fear. The reader can identify with her as a sympathetic figure, but the plot of this story is a bit convoluted.

It is unclear whether Makima is a member of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse or not. It is implied that he is a member of the group, and he bears the moniker of Conquest. However, the manga does not specify whether or not he is a member of the organization. Although this is a popular theory, there is no solid evidence for this. Despite this, many fans still prefer to take Makima’s side.

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Makima is a beautiful woman who seems to be in the mid-twenties. The color of the hair is a light red, normally kept in a free ribbon, with straps that arrive right next to her eyebrows and two longer side bangs that fall their face. Her eyes are yellow with multiple red rings inside them.


Makima is extremely cunning and manipulative. She controls Denji by promising a romantic and sexual relationship, threatening them with extermination if he believes her. Ruthless and normally emotional, she will do everything it takes to reach her goals, even at the cost of people they should protect.

Makima is an extreme fan of the chainsaw man, the star of hell. Fascinated by his ability to delete the embedded concept of a devil by consuming them, her stated purpose is to bring the chain man under her control to use his skills to create an ideal world without fear, dead “movies” . However, failure is also acceptable, as it would mean a honor to be eaten according to it.

Makima’s true goal, however, was to be together forever with a poker and lead a happy life with him. He always wanted something like a family, being unable to form equal and meaningful relationships as the control devil.


Physical Abilities

Immense Strength: Makima possesses a great deal of physical strength allowing her to fight effectively in hand-to-hand combat without relying on any of her subordinates. Her strength was great enough to overwhelm Pochita and shatter his chainsaws with her strikes.

Enhanced Smell: According to Denji, Makima primarily differentiates others through smell. In their first encounter, she was able to detect that Pochita still existed within Denji through his scent.

Power of Makima in the chainsaw

Makima was first introduced to us as a normal public safety demon hunter. However, as we go deeply in the story we just know that she is not an ordinary devil hunter but perhaps their most powerful.

We know how every devil hunter makes a contract with a devil to stimulate their chances of success in battles.

But Makima’s contracted devil has always been kept hidden from everyone because of unknown reasons. He was then revealed that Makima had no contract with any devil since he was a devil herself.

She was the witness devil who had made a pact with the Prime Minister of Japan making it almost invincible.

We have slowly understood that it is the major antagonist of this series that destroyed devils much more powerful than it with relatively no effort. He continued to show his formidable capabilities and the foolish power she possessed as a devil.

Types of the power of Makima


As a witness devil, Makima was immortal. First, she was extremely difficult to master since she had made a contract with the Prime Minister that any damage treated with her would be dissipated among Japanese citizens.

This allowed him to blow after blowing without feeling any of their effects.

Secondly, even if it is successful to murder certain means or others, it will resurrect in hell and ultimately get pleasure like another person.

Invisible crushing force

It was the first time Makima posted his destructive power and the malice for his devil techniques. Makima can crush one of her enemies using this power.

The only requirement is that it needs the name of its enemies and sacrificial human lives.


This does not surprise only the main power of the control devil will actually control others. Any human or devil that came under the power of Makima fell into a sleeping state and obeyed it without any resistance.

It was a frightening power that gave Makima an unfair advantage in his battles.

Once she had looked at someone’s eyes and ordered them that there was no possible possibility they could have ignored and do something else.

Close the fight

Makima was a fierce fighter nearby. If she had played someone, she would crush them without fail.

His techniques varied from the crushing of his enemies simply by looking at them to inflict deadly damage by pointing his finger towards them.

By using this fierce power, it has been able to easily destroy the devil and bomb power that were strong enough.


This capacity granted to Makima (CSM), an insane amount of mobility in which it could appear in front of anyone without them doing one thing.

She reached this by controlling a large number of rats that gathered together forming her shape, then she would come out.

That’s exactly what she took the devil bomb by surprise and could finish easily.

Voice Transmission

It was a unique ability used by Makima that allowed him to transmit everything she said in a person if he was alive or dead.

The only requirement was that she had to place her hand on their heads to form a kind of contact.

This allowed the man of the Makima chainsaw to communicate with the devils that the person had a contract and ordered them to make his own bid.

Animal audience

It was another of Makima’s formidable powers in the man of the chainsaw. She could use the hearing of other life forms like birds and rats to listen to anyone conversations and anywhere.

Nobody was safe from this capacity and allowed him to keep a narrow eye on anyone she doubted.

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Every detail about makima

The manga also shows Makima as a sympathetic figure. She is sympathetic towards the group, but is ruthless towards Quanxi, a former devil hunter and mercenary. She decapitates him to avoid the wrath of the group. She begs the sage to spare her girlfriends, but the latter refuses. He blindfolds himself in order to not watch Makima’s decapitations.

The manga has been adapted from manga series by Tatsuki Fujimoto. It has a long history and a dedicated fan base. Originally, Makima was the leader of Special Division 4, but was killed by Denji. His spirit then reincarnated as Nayuta. Her attractive youthful form is a tribute to Makima’s motherly relationship with Denji. The manga was a hit for Fujimoto’s popularity.

Unlike the other devils, Makima is a human who can use magic to manipulate people. This is the only time that the anime has such a high number of characters. Besides being a human, she can also be a devil, or even a devil. And her lusts for power have made her a human in some ways. The same is true for humans. The Makima will kill the person who wants to hurt them.

Although she had many admirers, Makima also has an evil side. She possesses the abilities to control people and manipulate them into doing bad things. Despite her pranks, she is a very dangerous woman. She exploits the feelings of others to further her own agenda. She does not care for her own feelings and will turn on others to please her. She will kill anyone who dares to cross her. If you are not a fan of the anime, then you must not watch it.

The Makima is a powerful devil who can erase anything. She can control anything, including humans, fiends, and devils. Her ability to use blackmail and other means to get what she wants allows her to use inhumane traits in the quest for power. For example, she can resurrect dead assailants and crush the primal devil using her hands. And, if you’re not a fan of the manga, you can still watch it on YouTube to find out more about it.

In the manga, Makima uses her brainwashing powers to subjugate and control people. She has the ability to change people’s memories to make them forget horrible things. For this reason, she has the ability to manipulate human behavior. You have to be a strong character to resist her. It takes a lot of guts to be a hero. If you’re a masked killer, it’s important to have a good attitude.

Aside from destroying the human beings, Makima also controls the living. She can control devils and fiends and can control the dead. She can also manipulate living beings through her sociopathic relationship with humans. She will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Fortunately, she is very strong in the game. If you’re a fan of the manga, you can read it online. If you’re not, you can read about Makima’s other powers and the game itself.

The game is very much a fantasy-based game, and Makima has a lot to do with this. While she is an important character, her powers are largely unreal. As a child, she was raised by the government, but she did not experience any human interaction. As a young adult, she was raised by her parents in the countryside. She met Reze in her last moments, but it isn’t clear whether she had any human relationships.


  • Makima came out the second most popular character after Denji in community surveys.
  • She was the first character of Mangaka, Pensa Tatsuki Fujimoto. His first designs go back to Fujimuto, the junior years of Fujimuto.
  • Fujimoto won an inspiration for Makima many other media. It has elements of FLCL, Kizumonogatari III and the eccentric family.
  • If you remove the average syllable from his name, you get mom, refers to how she has formed a maternal relationship with Denji.

Makima’s relationships

Relations with Denji

Makima met Denji just after winning the devil zombie and took her as a pet rather than killing it to be hybrid. Although she seemed nice first, she turned out to be pretty controlled for Denji, but he was still looking for her presence because he was sick of human relationship. This unfortunately could not happen.

Makima was not particularly interested in Denji, but the chainsaw resides in him. She could detect the devil inside Denji and worked to break their contract. She wanted to reach world peace using the unique power of Pochita, but she held her weak presence until she could guarantee success.

Denji looked at her with a mixture of fear, respect, love and despair. He needed someone to love and trust because his education was pretty miserable. Denji did not have to experience a loving family environment and later he became orphan. I’m not even able to eat properly, he easily took the chance to be close to someone. Especially a hot girl like Makima.

Relations with Special Division Four

The fourth special division was based on Makima’s request to forge a Powerhouse team that can excel in exterminating devils. Of course, she did not just brought big boys together. She also wanted soldiers that she could have any time, she became useless.

She started building the team of people who made contracts with devils for the fight against the potential and also took wandering hybrids. The most famous members of the Division were AKI Hayakawa, Power, Denji and Makima itself.

She kept an unbalanced relationship with her subordinates, as with everyone. She helped put in place the standard of living of her underwear and sometimes started conversations or meetings with them.

Frequently asked questions

In what anime is Makima?

Makima comes from the weekly man Swonen Sunk Manga Series Man, created by Tatsuki Fujimoto. It serves to be the main female character of this manga.

Why is Makima so powerful?

Psychic powers: Makima has a fairly strong psychic power that could be used to brutally kill other people as if they were killed by an invisible force when it forms several symbols on his hands to do it and is able to crush abruptly people inside inside or just murder

Is Makima in love with Denji?

Despite the discovery of his conspiracy, his identity as the witness devil, and the fact that he did not mean anything for her, Denji would continue to love Makima. For him, although she betrayed her and had brutally shot down her closest friends, she had been one of the few people in her life to show him affection. How does Makima survive at the shot?

The devil of firearms stops and he starts a shot to Makima. Makima activates its capacity before it is pulled by one of the bullets. To counter it, Makima activates its ability to use AKI Hayakawa, Tendo, Yutaro Kurose and Akane Sawatari contracts and Spider Devil and Angel Devil’s capabilities.

Why does Denji eat Makima?

Not only did Denji defeat Makima as he himself, but he also eats Makima as he himself. Remember that Makima said at some point that if she was going to lose at the chainsaw, she wanted the honor of being eaten by him, the one she idol the most. Denji essentially refuses this dream by eating it as itselves

Is Makima a good bad?

Because of its actions in Chapter 81-82, Makima cited as one of the wicked villains that the history of the SHONEN jump to the point that even most people compare it to the tastes of Sōsuke Aizen of Beurse or of Griffith of Berserk.

Does Aki like Makima?

Makima. Aki has a crush for Makima and seems to trust him, although it can possibly be made to make Makima. That’s why AKI can not remember his reasoning to love him. Makima has a total contempt for Aki’s feelings and was not interested in it beyond its use as a tool.

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